What if I don't have the "time" (or any other stat)--can you just substitute something else?
My experience has been that a little perseverance really pays off--I have never had a customer be upset with those "extra phone calls/emails" once they have their block in hand--it is such a wonderful reminder of what was for them, a magical moment in time.

What is your turnaround time?
Usual turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. I will send you an email as soon as your block has been mailed so that you have a heads up as to when your block will arrive.

I need my block sooner than that--is that possible?
Yes.  Please contact me and let me know how soon you need your block and I will let you know the price for your rush order.

Can I send a block overseas?

Can I order a block for an older sibling as well?
A very thoughtful idea--just send the birth stats and we're set.

Do you do custom orders?
Love to. Please contact me via email and we can talk about what you'd like. I love custom orders and the sky is the limit. Prices will vary dependent upon design fee.

Do you include a card?
I do. You'll find a space to type a personalized message in the "order" section.

What if I realize after I've ordered, that I've given you incorrect information?
No problem. Email me and let me know what correction needs to be made, and I'll take care of it. If your block has already been sent, I will fix the block at no expense to the recipient. Of course, my goal is to send out a perfect block, so please double-check your info before your place your order.

Do men order your blocks?
Smart ones do. Your sweet wife would love one as a gift, as would your sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, niece or co-worker. I have many male customers that send blocks as a corporate gift.

Do I have to put the baby's full name? The parents have different names, and I'm not sure how to handle it.
In that case, it looks perfectly wonderful to have either just the first name, or first and middle. If both last names will be used, that's no problem--I can fit more than three lines.

The baby's name is really long--will it fit?
I've never had a name too long, and I've had some rrrrrreally lllllong nnnnames. Challenge me.

The baby's formal name is different from what they will be calling him/her....how do you handle that?
I love the idea of painting the baby's formal name on the block, and addressing the card to the baby's nickname, however, I'm equally happy to paint the nickname on the block if you prefer.  

Do you take credit cards?
You may pay with all major credit cards through PayPal when you check out.