The times in my life where I've felt the most "me", the most alive, are the times when I've been allowed to  create. I have been fortunate enough to have families past and present who encouraged me to do just that. I am happily married to Todd and we live in Texas with our four kiddos in a cozy home on Joe's Creek. It's a loud but sweet life we have and I consider myself a very lucky woman.

A good day for me starts and ends with family and friends, a little time in the studio and a good glass of red wine on the back porch to close out the day. I suppose that painting is for me what running or meditation are to others: time begins to slow down, my head clears and everything starts to fall into place

when I have a paintbrush in hand and some good tunes in the background....absolute heaven.

I have had the time of my life meeting my customers via email and phone and am always happy to hear that the blocks are their friends' favorite gift. No artist could ask for better confirmation that they are achieving what they set out to do. I have been creating and painting for friends and family for as long as I can remember and am excited to be able to offer my artwork to a new circle of friends far and wide.

Thanks for taking a look at the Heirloom Arthouse. I look forward to working with you to create a gift that will be treasured for years to come!